How can I make the table view stable

Hi All,

Is there a way to make the table view stable by not taking into the details page/view ?

Need suggestion.

Faraaz Shaik

Meaning? perhaps a snapshot will help to understand better.

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Make an action that assigns a column to itself, [Column1]=[Column1], and set that as the on click action for your table view. This will do nothing since appsheet is smart enough to know that assigning a value to itself does not actually need a change so it will be a blank click.


Thanks Austin for the response.
I have many virtual columns publishing data on the table view and actions do not take virtual columns right !
Do we have any other way to make it stable by adding any expression, formula etc ?

Since you’re not actually changing anything it shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you only had a single column per row you can just use that. Nothing actually changes.

Yes but I’m not able to make the action on data table slice and virtual columns.

Create the action on the parent table of the slice and include the action to the slice. I don’t think you can create a slice with only virtual columns?
You should also be able to create any action,

set this to always false. This would prevent the action from actually going off but still be attempted on clicking a row.

That is True, I created a slice with virtual columns and showing in table view.
Now the action does not take my slice data nor the virtual columns on the parent table. I’m stuck at this point, I think we need to find some other way around.

Create this action

Go to your table view and set the row selected action to be Blank Action 2

When you click the row it will try to execute Blank Action 2 but since the behavior is set to false it will not take the user to the settings view.

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