How can I make the View header change when I drill down through Groups?

I have a Deck View called “Automobiles” with three groups called “Class”, “Make”, and “Model”. I also have a Details View.

When I drill down, the View header continues to say “Automobiles” at each level until finally “Details”. I’d like for it to change to something like “Automobiles” → “Passenger” → “Chevrolet” → “Camaro”.

The problem is that by the time I get to “Details”, I forget where I came from as I back-out.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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You can’t. There is no way for an expression to read or keep track of which grouping you’ve drilled down into. Here is a semi-related feature request:

What you can do, instead of drill-down group-bys, is to create your own custom navigation menu, where each click into a group is actually transferring the user to a different view. Of course you’ll have to create a new Slice and View for each individual grouping, so it is not very scalable.

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Wow! Thanks for the harsh news, Marc :frowning: From my perspective as a developer, I would think that this should be a dozen lines of code to add this option. I’ll wait on feedback from my testers. Hopefully they won’t see it like I do.