How can I modify the sender email add in my App

How can I modify the sender email add (From) on my App , instead of, change to ENSA App <noreply@>


Workflow email is always sent from the following AppSheet email account

You cannot override this value because the anti-spam policies of email providers do not permit us to send mail and masquerade as different email originators.

If you must customize the From email address, consider sending email via a web based email provider that you invoke via a workflow web hook.

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Steve, thank you for the feedback, Just to clarify my question actually is on how to modify the sender email. I will not remove or overide , only to modify example from noreply@appshe… | to ENSA team noreply@appshe…


From Display
Send email with this From Display name. (Template that yields text is supported.)

You could just change this to ENSA App (From e-mail doesn’t change but the display name changes)


Got It…Thank you very much!