How can I: not update key (ref) when someone else edits record?

I currenlty have records for staff, which they can add their notes to. Their manager can update these notes but when they do, it updates the key/ref (email) to their email. How can I stop this from happening but still enable a manager to edit their own team-members’ notes?
I’ve tried a few different ways eg adding an edit_if constraint but I’m not able to add that to a ref-field.
Thanks in advance.

I think you are setting the ID with the email to see which of the staff added the notes? is this right?

Yes, but I want those notes to only belong to the team-member and never their manager. The manager should only be able to edit but not update the key at all.

If you manager is editing, this should not update the key.

What formulas do you have in your [ID] Column?

initial value is set to useremail()
I tried removing that but it still updates the email to manager-email, if the manager edits.

Have added the following to app_computed: IF ( isblank ( [_this ] ), useremail() , [ _this] )
and that seems to have taken and not broken anything else.



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