How can I print a UX Chart or data table? Wh...

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #1

How can I print a UX Chart or data table?

What would be a good way to make a print button action, so that we can print out a pdf or a google sheet with the content of a ux graphic chart or the content of a table?

Should I look into reports of workflow? Or is this better to look into cvs?

In the case of reports: I found out that you can shadule a report by time. Is it also possible to make an action button to trigger sending this report?

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(Philip Garrett) #2


You can do most of what you are asking using workflow. It is good at producing report formatted output either on demand or on a schedule.

It is not currently possible to include charts in the formatted workflow output.

To trigger a workflow using a button click, see topic “Sending Email from an Action Button” in this article: - Workflow Workflow