How can I ref with multiple ref table in 1 row in the table

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Can you elaborate ? What are you trying to achieve ? Where are you facing an obstacle ? What did you try so far ?


As you see my picture, I cannot generate with 3 ref table in the google doc in one row of the table

And the result is shown like this.


Yes, thank you for further explanation.
Nested tables are not always correctly supported the way you built it.

I suggest:

  • merge white cells taht are relating to the same information
  • insert a new table in it, with 3 column
  • set your start/end statement within this “inside-table”

Something looking like this:

I know it can work on a specific way (I made it work few month ago, for testing purpose), but I don’t know if that will match the way you are trying to make it.

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Please note that you have syntax errors that are affecting the document generation.

Error 1 - no table able to be identified. START expressions need to provide a List of rows to operate on. Common STart expression would look like this:

<<START: TableName[Key Column]>>
<<START: SELECT(TableName[Key Column],  [Some Other Column] = "Criteria")>>
<<START: [Related Child Rows Column]>>

Error 2 - It seems the specified column name “[W1” is missing a closing bracket

Errors 3 and 4 - Cannot find columns. These could be due to the improper START statement

Error 5 - End statements must be enclosed like this - “<>”