How can I see a list? Hi, I'm building a vie...

(Mark Pathfinder) #1

How can I see a list?

Hi, I’m building a view where I can see all customers detail (Customers Datail, invoices, etc), in invoices I would like to see all invoices of selected customer. How can I do?

(Marc Dillon) #2

You should have a reference setup between the customers and invoices tables. Appsheet should automatically create a new virtual column that is the list of all references rows of the other table.

(Steven Coile) #3

@Marc_Dillon’s suggestion is a good one.

(Mark Pathfinder) #4

i’ve the ref yet, the prob is the invoices lists

(Marc Dillon) #5

I’m assuming you have a column in the Invoice table that references a Customer. So there should be a virtual column in the Customer table which has an app formula of ref_rows(Invoice table, [customer ref column]). This virtual column should have been automatically created as soon as you setup the ref column in Invoice table, it would have been named “Related Invoices…” or similar.

(Mary Jane Pender) #6

Hi Mark, an easy solution is to create a View that Groups the invoices by Customer.

On the view definition also make the Sort by Customer ascending and invoice date descending (so most recent invoice is at the top).

hope this helps.


(Mark Pathfinder) #7

Yes i know, i don’t know if you used this kind of viwv (TABS) in this tab you have to insert all cells you want to see and ref, but the problem is not the ref but the view of Invoices cell, in this cell i need to see a list of all invoices of the customer

(Mary Jane Pender) #8

Mark I am getting a little confused.

I am not advising you on the ref.

I am advising you on a creating a Table view and defining the view as noted above.

(Marc Dillon) #9

Do you have the virtual column in your Customers table that lists all referenced Invoices that I have been talking about?

As far as I know, the tabs view is only part of the form view, which is for inputting data instead of viewing data. In order for a certain column to be in a certain tab, it must be underneath the associated show-type section header column.

In your case, from the originally posted image, you have an “invoices” show-type section header column, the ref_rows column that I refer to above needs to be below that. Then for it to appear in the form view for a Customer, you must set IsPartOf to True on the reference column settings in your Invoice table.

(Mark Pathfinder) #10

Correct, i know is a table to insert data, but i remove availability to save, i need it just to check data, i inserted ref_row in ever cells, the problem is only in the last TABLE (invoices) i would like to see ALL invoices in this TABLE. The structure of the google sheet is as pic (i simplified the sheet)

(Marc Dillon) #11

Did you verify the IsPartOf setting?