How can I see/search all emails sent in AppSheet?


I’ve tried to figure this out on my own, or find directions somewhere, but so far no luck. Some of our students are saying they aren’t receiving the emails they are supposed to be receiving, and I’d like to be able to see whether or not the email was sent.

I did figure out how to open the audit history, go to a particular process, and open the Email Details, but all I get is a message saying, “Failed to fetch email details. Please try again later”.

And ideally, I would like to have a way to just see all of the emails sent, instead of drilling down into a particular process. Is this not possible?

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If you’ve set the student’s emails to be generated in a Workflow, couldn’t you add your email as a CC or BCC? Then you’d get every generated email from that Workflow.

Not sure about the “Failed to fetch email details. Please try again later”.


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@Justin_Thurston : Sorry to hear about your inconvenience. Can you please let me know the emails of the students who havent received the emails. I can help take a look into why they havent received the emails.


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Hi Sai,

There were two students who specifically reached out to say they did not receive emails. Both of them said they received them on the second day. So it may be working now. I tried to find their emails, but they might be lost to the depths of my inbox now.

There are many students who have not responded at all. I’m sure at least most of them are getting the emails. But I would like a way to make sure, if one exists.

If other students report not receiving emails in the future, can I share those with you in the future?

Hello @Justin_Thurston ,

I am so sorry. My response was not registered here. Please do message me if there is any issue. I would love to help out.


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