How can I send an email notification to multiple recipients that are in the same area as the person submitting the app sheet form,

I have an app sheet where users input their information and choose which area they are from. I want to be able to send email notifications when they submit but also send that email to other people in the same area as them, how can I do so. Please let me know

This is what I’ve done so far

Hi @mshello

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What about this ?

SELECT(PeopleToInform[Email address],
[Market Area]=LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),"PeopleToInform","Email address", "Market Area")

For efficiency, I would use a slice and run the email on this slice.
Slice “sameAreaPeople”, with row filter condition:
[Market Area]=LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),"PeopleToInform","Email address", "Market")

Then, expression for email list :
sameAreaPeople[Email Address]

For reference:


thank you so much!!