How can I send push notification X minutes after logged time?

Hi! I’m stuck trying to solve how to automate the most important part of the app I’m building.

The use case would be like this.

When user logs the current date and time via a form [time1]
Then send a notification to that user 240 minutes after that time.

I currently have a column called [time1] and virtual column [time2]
I used a formula to calculate the time for column [time2]
[time2] = [time1]+“000:45:00”

I first tried an automation with a “wait until condition is met”. However if the user does nothing between time 1 and time1+45 mins then the notifications is not sent (Or I was unable to do so)

It is my understanding that only a data change can trigger something like this (please correct me if I’m wrong). I know a couple of people talked about timers but I haven’t found any topics with a solution for this.

Can anyone think of a way to solve this so that 240 minutes after the logged time the user can receive a notification even if they don’t update that row within that time frame? Without a way to send a notification my app wouldn’t be that useful.

Many thanks in advance.

AppSheet cannot send notifications on arbitrary schedules. The best you could do is schedule notifications at preset times, like every hour, that are actually sent if there are any new messages queued.

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