How can I set an additional security filter? ...

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How can I set an additional security filter?

I have a table that contains sensitive data and want to add additional level of security to restrict which records a user can view from that table. My table called “SensitiveData” already contains columns called Passcode1 & Passcode2. So basically I want to present a view where the user has to enter the passcodes (supplied to them separately) in two fields called Passcode1 & Passcode2 then check them against a virtual field which is CONCATENATE(Passcode1,Passcode2). Assuming their codes match then I want to display the records that match that criteria.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to go about achieving this?

Thanks, Steve

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@StudentHomes_Plymout First, I would like to make sure that you’re on a per-user plan. Using your own hand-rolled security system is generally not secure.

You can combine multiple conditions using AND, though:

AND([Name] = “Tony”, [Address] = “123 fake street”) will be true only if both conditions are true.

You can use OR if you want to check whether either condition is true. - Yes/No Expressions Yes/No Expressions

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Yes, the app in question is on a per user plan.

I have some knowledge of the formulae you refer to. The problem is I don’t know how/where to get the user to enter their passcodes for this particular table. My initial thought was to have a separate log table in which the user would enter their codes. But if I do this I can’t enter the formula in a way that works for the data slice on the SensitiveData table.

Have tried using ref between the two tables but still can’t get filter to recognise data from the log table, so I assume my approach won’t work?

Any suggestions on how I should approach this?

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@StudentHomes_Plymout Have you considered using User Settings?