How can I set the date format correctly? I'm...

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How can I set the date format correctly?

I’m in the UK so naturally I use DD/MM/YYYY.

Image 1: The locale in my google spreadsheet settings is set to UK Image 2: The date in the speadsheet columns formatted for date in UK format Image 3: The date in the app are not in UK format Image 4: App is set for UK

What am I missing?

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Make certain that your browser or device is set to use your locale. For example, in the United Kingdom select the UK locale. In Thailand select the Thai locale. The browser or device setting completely determines how data values are displayed within the AppSheet app running on your browser or device.

For more information see - Locale Support in AppSheet

Locale Support in AppSheet

(Simon Blackburn) #4

My browser and my phone are both set to UK as are the locale settings on both my macbook and PC.

(Philip Garrett) #5


Can you provide: 1. Your account id from the Account pane 2. The app name 3. The table name 4. The field name 5. The exact steps to reproduce

I presume that the field type in your app is “Date” (not “Text”) but can you confirm that?

(Simon Blackburn) #6

I think I may have worked it out.

I have a column titled Start Date and this is displayed e.g. 8th April 2018.

In the app I have created a virtual column and concatenated the Start Date column with a second virtual column (with formula =SWITCH(WEEKDAY([Start Date]),1,“Sun”, 2,“Mon”,3,“Tue”,4,“Wed”,5,“Thu”,6,“Fri”,“Sat”)) and the field type set to text expeciting it to display as Sunday 8th April 2018 but it shows as Sunday 04/08/2018.

Is there a way around this to get it displayed as I want?

  1. Your account id: 521238 2. The app name: Arriva Duties 3. The table name: Rostas 4. The field name: Day/Date (the concatenated virtual column) 5. The exact steps to reproduce: I use a form to enter the data and sync the app.
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Just to let you know I have fixed this thanks to the help of @Aleksi_Alkio from another post, this guy never failes to amaze me with his knowledge.

My concatention for my day and date column was


“,[Start Date])”

and using his advice for another member, I changed this to


“&TEXT([Start Date])”

and now the date is displaying perfectly.

(Julie Wills) #8

@Simon_Blackburn Is it not possible to format the Start Date to include the day in the spreadsheet itself (i.e. Custom format ddd" “d” “mmm” "yyyy) so that you don’t need to contatenate the day name?