¿How can I slice ref rows in an entry form for each user?

I have three table slices: [doctors], [patients] and [appointments], all the table slices are sliced with the condition UserEmail=USEREMAIL(), doctors are the final users, so that each doctor see he´s patients only, he´s appointments only and he´s colleagues only. Everything works fine in each view.

My problem is that when (Doctor A) makes a new appointment in the new appointment form, the [Patient] dropdown menu displays all the patients unfiltered

In your Patients table/slice, do you have the associated [Doctor] info? If so, you can set the below Valid_if expression to the [Patient] column in the Appointment_Form. Please change the tablename and column names as required by your table/app schema

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For better performance and security, consider using security filters rather than slices.

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Oh that was easy, worked fine and I got rid of many slices.

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