How can I sum numbers according to yes/no clicking

Dear Friends,

When I click the yes/no button, I want app to sum number under results
How can I do it?
Then according to result, there is displaying fail or pass under explanation.
If the yes is selected, I will give the point 20, if no will be selected there will no no point.

Do you want to SUM the [Result] values for each particular entry?

Can you elaborate?

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Merhaba Levent Bey(Hi Levent),

Yes, every yes’s answers will have 20 point, I mean, every yes answer will be added up.
For example; if 3 question’s answers are yes, the total of result will be 60.

I hope it is clear

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Eren Bey,
Try with this in AppFormula of [Result] column:

IFS([Vehicle_Light],20) + IFS([Wheels],20) + IFS([Doors],20) + IFS([Damage],20)

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Levent Bey,

It worked.
Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome.