How can I tell that a slice is empty to avoid sending an empty report?


I’m using a Slice to filter put rows that match and exact date; this means that some days the slice will be empty.

I then use the slice to generate a daily report to show the rows that match the date condition every day, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the conditional in the report to avoid sending the report when the slice is empty, is there any workaround for doing this?


One way is if you use something like COUNT(SliceName[KeyColumnName])>0 with the condition rule.


Hi! I agree with @Aleksi.

On an app of mine I have views that I want to be stable (that is, always available on the bottom menu and alway appearing to be the same). When there is content to view the icon at the bottom links to a deck view and when it is empty an icon that looks exactly the same leads to a detail view telling the user that there are no available records. If one view is set to appear only when records are available and the is set to appear only when there are no records, the effect is to make it look as though there is just one view that shows different contents depending on whether or not records are available.


Sorry. You were asking about a “report”. I was thinking of something different. Still, I think @Aleksi is right.

Awesome @Aleksi


You’re welcome