How can I use app in my domain name?


I have app for my seller. Where they are register sells. And I want to share my products list to my clients.
I have make 2 apps: first is private just for my sellers and second is public for my clients where they can see wich products have in his region.
And I have public domain, how can I put my public app to my domain name ?

Do you want to use something like and that will open your public app?

I want to this app under this domain

One way is if you mask OR forward the domain like when user writes, it actually opens your app URL. If you don’t need authentication, you could add that app as an iFrame. please check this article how to do that…

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Tank you very much!

Its awsome!!!

You’re welcome

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I have used secure apps in an iFrame before and had no issues running the app. However, after reading this I did some testing and realized it was only working because I already had the AppSheet/Google login cookie from another session.

I logged out and then tried going directly to the iFrame version and login did indeed fail. Then I logged in at and went back to the iframe app and it synced and opened the app normally.

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