How can I use TEXTJOIN function

I have three column I want to join them by “-” as delimiter . like jointext on google sheet TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, [text1], [text2])
How can do that on appsheet I try SPLIT([text1], [text2],delimiter) but it doesn’t work ??
any suggestion please !

You would use CONCATENATE() or the short-hand method:

CONCATENATE([text1], "-", [text2], "-", [text3])


[text1] & "-" & [text2] & "-" & [text3]

Both of the above produce the same result.

For other possible Text expressions you can visit this article for a good list and explanation.

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Thank you for replying , that Works too but not like SPLIT function because in “concatenate” the delimiter is shown even if the columns are empty , while in “split” the delimiter is still hidden and it’s shown only when the columns are filled

Yes, correct. If that is a concern for your values you will need to implement and IF() or IFS() checking for any values that are blank and constructing the “concatenate” expression only with the non-blank values.

Tedious and clunky for sure!!

Split doesn’t combine values. Split breaks text into a LIST of values based on a delimiter.

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