How can I use the different colour format rules in the same column?

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I’ve followed the above tip to create the star rating and I founded that the format rule could not shown more than one colour at the same column.

I’ve created the different icon and colour for checking the bug as the picture below, the app shows the thumb down icon in yellow instead of grey at the Stars Rating column. But if I use the thumb down with grey colour format rule to another column, it’s works.

Screen Shot 2563-06-01 at 20.27.43

The colors applying to all the other icons in the other formating rules It’s a bug that we currently can’t overcome as users, that’s why I didn’t applied more format rules other than the five stars.

But if your problem is putting the thumb up and down next to the stars, you should just make the thumb up action display Inline next to the column you select. To do that, just go under Appearance, click on the option “Inline” and select the column you want to display the action. Each action will display with the color you choose.

It will look like this: image

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Thanks, I’ve completed your stars rating tips already. I’ve just text how to show more grey stars icon so it’s bug like you said. Thanks for your tips.

Now that I give this a second thought, I think that we can have those five stars with gray ones adding five actions and ten formatting rules. I’ll try that and if it’s possible I’ll update the original post

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