How can limit list of 'Ref' type fields?

When Field with ‘Ref’ type shows dropdown list from related table, how to limit the list for certain value or condition set by another Field ? for example, I need a list of Benzene Oil for Benzene car and Deisel Oil for Deisel Car from table [Fuel] for ‘Ref’ [_THIS].[FuelID] after selecting ‘Ref’ [_THIS].[Car] which contains [Fuel].[FuelType] = [_THIS].[Car].[CarFuelType].

This is part of a more complex expression but works.It selects Team based on Teams under the selected Department, which is also Ref field.

In the ValidIf for Team:

Note: I just quickly pulled it out of the much more complex expression. I think the closing parenthesis are correct but haven’t tested.

I found the same solution so far, but the field has to be set in ‘Text’.
But ‘Ref’ is really useful for further reference in other UXs, in my opinion.
I’ll update again when I can have it :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you so much for your reply.

Both fields are REF type.