How can multiple users use app without changing each others' data?

I have created an app to calculate users’ paychecks. This includes a total of six different sheets. One for pay type (there are so many pay categories like night shift, lead pay, International pay, Spanish qualified, etc.). A second for Pre Tax Deductions that may be unique to the user (401k, medical, dental, vision, etc). A third for Post Tax Deductions (Stock purchase, 401k Loan, STD, LTD, etc). A fourth fourth for Taxes (declare dependents and additional tax withholdings), a fifth for the first pay check of the month, and a sixth for the the second pay check of the month (both paychecks are based on different pay types).

The last two sheets contain rows that are not viewable in the app because they contain formulas to calculate federal tax withholdings. Basically all the sheets link together and rely on each other to communicate with one another to produce an accurate income estimate.

I noticed that when I update my app with my pay information, it updates the Google Sheets spreadsheet as well. The problem is that if I share this app with other users, they will see my data and if there are multiple users logged in at the same time, they will change each others’ data.

I want each user to own their own information, so I set the the tables to non shareable, but this caused them to stop communicating with one another. It completely broke the calculations. For example, if I change the number of hours worked in the Pay Type tab, it doesn’t change it in the spreadsheet, which is good. However, it also doesn’t produce an accurate 1st or 2nd pay check tab…like the formulas no longer work.

Is there a way to deploy the app, but to create an entire file with the 6 sheets for each user? Or to just keep all the user data private, but for the formulas to work independently of other users? I am quite impressed with this app and it works perfectly for just me, but I would love to share it with my colleagues!

AppSheet has features built in just for this purpose. Please check out this search in the Support area. there are several articles concerning precisely the behavior you wish to achieve.

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Hi Brad, it looks like you need to set up a security filter for your data, however this requires the Pro Plan unless it’s for personal use.

You may need to add additional columns to your sheets to achieve this.

So assuming each record is specific to one person I would suggest you having a table full of users and their email addresses, then in the main table add a column which identifies who the record belongs to (such as an email address) and using a Ref column link these two tables.

Then in the security filter you could use the following formula.

USEREMAIL() = [Email]

[Email] being the column created to tie the record to specific user.

This will ensure that each user is only able to see the records that contain their email address.

Hope this makes sense, obviously I haven’t seen your app or how it is set up so the above may not work for you.


Thank you! I’ll look into that. Is there a way I can share my app with you, assuming you care enough to check it out? I really appreciate your input!

My email is

Thanks Brad, I have sent you an email.