How can users with a or domai...

(Christian Farley) #1

How can users with a or domain log into an Appsheet app?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Right now, these are not integrated with the authentication system. So they cannot use those email addresses to log into AppSheet.

(Christian Farley) #3

@praveen That’s what I thought. But then isn’t it confusing that Appsheet allows that we create such users? Also, the system nonetheless sends the email invitations to these addresses and the users can install the app. As far as I can tell they can also access the app but with the app creator email (although on that point I am less certain. Maybe it’s because the core appsheet app is already installed with my initial creator email? then when I try to use a second, non-authenticatable email, it gets given the initial mail?)

Can you please suggest a workflow for testing such use cases (i.e testing multiple user profiles on a single device)?

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #4

@Christian_Farley2 Users can create Google accounts using an e-mail address from another domain.

However, they will have to maintain a password on Google that is separate from the original domain of their e-mail account.

For that reason it still makes sense to allow registration of white list users with an e-mail on any domain.

For app testing, I have installed the app I am currently working on on my phone using a different e-mail address and role than the one that I am currently using while editing the app definition in Chrome.

I also use both Chrome and Safari on my computer and log in with a different account in Safari so I can compare results on the full screen view.

(Christian Farley) #5

Thanks Nicholas.

I am not sure I understand how a non google email account can maintain a password on Google.

To be sure I understand: Let me recap what I think the experience of a user with an email of will be: - I will be able to add it to the app white list? - An invite to install will be sent to that adress? - Using the browser link that user will access the app without being prompted for a password? (This also implies that sharing the link with many people will give them access to the app with that user’s identity) - But will that user will be able to install the app? I my tests, when I use the invite link to install the app, once I install I am sent to the sign in page, and I cannot proceed since this user is not a google account. Am I missing anything?

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #6

@Christian_Farley2 If your app uses Google as the authentication service, then what Bob has to do before he tries to log into your app is first create a Google account using his email address.

Then when he logs into your app, he will give his e-mail, and the password he established when he created his Google account.

(Christian Farley) #7

Ok. I’ll test that. And if Bob has not created his Google account, he should just be stuck at the authentication screen?

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #8

@Christian_Farley2 yes, if Bob has not created an account he will be stuck at the login page