How center the elements in the gallery

Do you know how I can center the elements in the gallery?
Thank you.

All of the presentation options available are given in the gallery view configuration screen, as in your screenshot. It’s not clear to me what you’re trying to change. Do you want only a single column of buttons rather than the four shown in your screenshot?

Sorry Steeve for the lack of items.
Concretely, I have already created an app with a good field size: Image Size Small (App 1).
There by putting the same image I find really too large (App 2)
you see?

thank you so much

Unfortunately, the gallery view type is intended specifically for data with associated images, and does not well support data without images. I also use the gallery view without images for menus. To get the shorter display as shown in you App 1 screenshot, I have to ensure the data row has no image column. The downside is that the app editor the presents a warning about the missing image.

OK I know .
May be if I make a slice with juste this column it’s ok :man_shrugging:
Thank you so much Steve

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It Ok with a slice without image column :wink:

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