How come some of my fields are editable in my app and others are not?

I have created an inventory app, and most fields are formulas except for one for POs Received and Manual Count. The app currently allows the user to update a few formula-driven cells, like my ‘Qty on Hand’ column, which is a sum of PO’s received plus Manual Count (I don’t want users to be able to update Qty on hand, as this should only be a formula). I would like to block this Column from editing capability, but still show up on the app. My other formula-driven columns seem to be blocked like I want them on the app, but there’s a couple that aren’t. So, that makes me think it’s a setting somewhere in appsheet (that I can’t find) rather than appsheet picking up on the fact that it’s a formula in the spreadsheet and not allowing edits. Suggestions?

Any column with an App formula cannot be edited under any circumstances.

The key column can only be edited before the row is saved the first time; after the first save, the key column cannot be edited.

If a computed key is used (commonly with a virtual column named _ComputedKey), any column used by the computed key’s App formula expression cannot be edited after the row is first saved.

Any column with a Spreadsheet formula cannot be edited.

Any column with Editable? set to OFF cannot be edited.

If Editable? is set to an expression, the expression may disable editing in some circumstances.


I didn’t realize I could scroll to the right and I found the fields to make it not Editable. I’m not sure why it was editable though if like you’re saying a Spreadsheet formula (which it is) cannot be edited. It also has an asterisk next to it…not sure if that has anything to do with it being editable as a formula? Anyways, I was able to toggle off the editable option so that is fixed so thanks for that. Also wondering, is there a way to change text color of a column title? For example, Manual Count is a field (a column on my spreadsheet) that the app user can walk through the warehouse and enter. There’s other fields on there, and just for ease of bringing to their attention which one they need to tap on, I thought maybe I’d make it blue as a default. Not a huge deal, just thought it might speed up the data entry for whoever picks up the ipad and knows to look for the blue text Manual Count to do a stock take.

You can change the color of data using format rules but unfortunately not the column header itself. However, you could change the description of the column to amend each column name with a key word to look out for. So instead of Name maybe the look for Enter:Name and go look for all of the columns that have Enter in front of them?

Also, do they need to see the non editable fields when they are inputting data? If not, then in the form just remove those columns all together so they only see the editable columns they care about? It will still exist on the record detail, just not on the edit form.