How create timeline?

how to create timeline template like this? when user click the it’ll auto update in this ?


Not possible (for the moment)


I think @tsuji_koichi is correct that doing something that looks exactly like what you posted isn’t possible, but it is possible to make a table with a date column that functions as a log of what has happened. I have something that is a little like that in an app I have built.


We need to ask Ian @ianw to consider to implement time-line chart to his awesome QuickChart library?! :smile:

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Good idea. But since @hospitalhuluterengga is posting here for the first time, perhaps something easy, like a table would be good. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Kirk_Masden, @tsuji_koichi. i really appreciate it if you could share with me.

I’ll try to help. Please give us more detail about your situation. Have you already made an app?

One thing I can say at this point is that I think you will need the action called “Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row”: