How do I access a column from current row in a JSON tempate Start Expression

Hi everyone!

I have 3 tables


  • OrderID Key
  • Load#


  • Load# Key
  • Orders Ref_Rows(“SaleOrder”,“Load#”)
  • Products Ref_Rows(“Products”,“Load#”)


  • ProductID Key
  • ProductName
  • Load#

I have an webhook Task for table SaleOrder and I need to achieve this in the JSON template :

"Rows": [
    <<Start: [Load#].[Products >>
         "OrderID": "<<>>",   ---- ****Need get OrderID from current row of SaleOrder **** 
         "ProductID ": "<<[ProductID ]>>",
         "ProductName": "<<[ProductName]>>"

I can’t find a solution to put the [OrderID] value to the JSON file.
Does anyone know how to achieve this?




See also:

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It didn’t work.
_THISROW inside START expression refer to the row in Products table.
I needt to access the row in SaleOrder table.