How do I access the latest workflow tests?

I’m working on connecting my app with Quickbooks through Zapiers webhooks. In the workflow, I need to send a test but can only access the first 25 Rule Actions. I need to access the latest Rule Actions so I can send a test in order for Zapier can read it. Can this be done, and how?

Hi Andrew, how about creating a slice or filter where you only see the latest one? The test is meant for you to see if the whole thing actually passes through and is received by the end system. The filter can be removed later if what you want to test is the most recent.

When you create your workflow, you can also define it to trigger only when data is added, this way you ensure it will only trigger when new (most recent) rows are added. Conversely, you can test by enabling the workflow and simply creating a dummy record to send. Hope this helps.;