How do I add an List in the menu?


I would like add a list into the menu. And the list is able to list down the available PDF in a folder in google drive and I can able to select multiple PDF to user defined email address.

I wonder if appsheet is able to do this.


I don’t think you can build such a list into the menu.

Nonetheless, you can provide a view with a table list, with column type “url”, and use a script to set the url on the sheets : these url point to the Drive location for your pdf files.
That may be a part of the solution.

Here is what I made for a different purpose:

Here is how it behaves:

  1. set link
    Screen Recording 2021-02-04...
    2)use it
    Screen Recording 2021-02-04...

Tell me if you need the script to update url links on the sheet : I cannot join it to the message but you can give me your email address.


Thanks Aurelien!

There is no need for the script, I only got a few PDF that I wanna show. I had manually updated the link to the table. Appreciate your help.

I had add another view for that particular table.

However, I realized I can only send or share the pdf one by one. Is there any ways to make multiple selection and send to a single email?

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Not possible in the main menu.


Good idea!

It’s technically possible, but it’s very complicated.


I made that on another app, but without using URL.
I stored the PDF in a subfolder in my appsheet folder, and made the app point toward these.

Here is how I processed, if that can help:

  1. Please use a dashboard first, for an easier life :slight_smile:
    This needs just 2 views actually : on my example : “BOUTON ENVOI DT”, which means “button_send_files”, and “List DT” which contains list of people and their related documents (the files I want to send). The 3rd one on my case is for refreshing URLs…:wink:

Here is the example of my use:
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  1. Technically:
  • the sheets/table related to the Button_send_files view, let’s name it “Button_send_file_table” :
    ==> the column B is for firing action with a workflow

  • The view “Liste DT”, based on a table “LISTE DT”
    This is based on a simple table: the goal in my case was to determine if, yes or no, i want to send this file, for each employee (you can replace these with your pdf unique ID…here, “barcode employe” is my key-column for my table Employe)

    …and a lot of Virtual column, which are meant to:

    • determine if available in the drive
    • display file name (relatively to my table “URL DRIVE”, as mentioned before)
    • and “file” type with formula [Barcode Employe].[File Id Card] (for example)

Keep in mind that on my employees table, the column [File Id Card] is of “File” type.
The data stored there is actually a file pointing toward my Appsheet subfolder, such as:

appsheet/data/logistique_v0-1021166/Employes_Files/John SMITH/001. CNI DM.pdf

  • then, you need to explain which document will be sent. On table “Button_send_file_table”, I used a virtual column “attachmentList”, type “List”, with this formula:

               ISNOTBLANK([file_CIN RECTO]),
                [Carte identité RECTO]
               ISNOTBLANK([file_CIN VERSO]),
                [Carte identité VERSO]
  • Eventually (almost there!) set 3 actions : “switch_on” action that sets the “EnvoiDT” value (column B) to 1, “switch_off” action that sets it to 0, and another one “send” that’s a grouped action, with switch on then switch off.

  • Last step : workflow based on “Button_send_file_table”, update only, with condition:


and action : send emailn with Other Attachement (you’ll find it down, down, down…) you set :

I hope I explained clearly, let me know if it’s not !