how do I add multiple images to a single reco...

(Andrew Vaughan) #1

how do I add multiple images to a single record?

for example, my app collects lead information for a swimming pool repair company and I have a single property (single record). the individual record mayr equire 3-10 images of the repair needed. I don’t really want to make 10 extra columns for images in my spreadsheet, so how can i add multiple images in a single image section in the app record

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Yes, you will need to make 10 columns in your spreadsheet. Set up a Show_if in each

based on the previous image so you will not have all 10 show up unless they contain images.

(GP Kriel) #3

Alternatively, you could have a second table for images and link the two tables via references. This would then show related images per record.

(Fernando López) #4

@GP_Kriel has the best solution, add an auxiliar table

(Stephen Mattison) #5


Not so fast, good Sir!

Using a second table would be far slower and more complicated than just adding a few extra columns.

Pool Service Co needs simple and fast.

My JobLog App has 10 before and 10 after Image columns and it’s not cumbersome at all, I even have 10 Trouble Images for when something goes wrong on the Job.

It’s very fast to catch everything I’ve ever needed, and has the added bonus of very quickly seeing and relating to/accessing Job Images right along side all other Job data collected.

@Andrew_Vaughan would be wise to set up smart Page Breaks using Show columns in his JobLog to make data entry even faster and more organized.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Another “not so fast, Sirs!”. Stephen is correct but if you normally take only few images, your table “structure” will be quite empty. If you add photos a lot with the related table, you can set the option re-open ON as well so you don’t need to open the next one manually.

So… I believe the time difference between these two methods is nowadays very small and you could use which structure is better for your need.