How do I based on the values of the previous coloum display value in the next coloumn

For example I want to calculate BMI in the apps and for that I have calculated BMI using the formaule but i want to dispaly the BMI Category you fall in as well Just like for eg your BMI comes out to be 22.5 so I want to showcase to the user that he falls under Normal Weight category. This is possible in excel but how do i do this in appsheet?
Attached image as well for reference.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @Paras_Jatana

Why don’t you use the exact same expression ?
just, replace D2 in your expression with [BMI]

you may want to use, both in your Sheets expression and in AppSheet, the IFS, as condition are evaluated sequentially.
Please see:

So that would become:

  [BMI]<=18.5, "Underweight",
  [BMI]<25, "Normal weight",
  [BMI]<30, "Overweight",
  true, "Obesity"