How do I capture events in selesforce?

I would like to set up Automation triggered by selesforce events.

Is it possible to set this up at this time?
I thought it was set from the Event tab, and I’ve checked the settings, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Or do I need more time to be able to capture Salesfoce events?

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Hi @prithpal

I set up a simple Automation configuration that sends an email when a Contact in Salesforce is updated.

When the Contact is updated in the AppSheet app, it works as expected
However, when I update the Contact in Salesforce, the email is not sent

Salesforce AppSheetConnector is already installed

Is there anything else I need to set up to make Automation work with Salesforce?



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That should work. Can you check couple of things:

  1. Please add a view to the “Contact” table in your app and see if your Contact records from Salesforce show up?
  2. Make sure your app is in “deployed” state. (If it is, please undeploy/redeploy your app)
  3. If you click on the “Monitor” button on the bot, it should take you to the monitoring app - that should show if the Salesforce event was received or not.

LMK what you find out.

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Thank you for the detailed instructions.

I was verifying this in an environment that I have not deployed yet.
I will deploy the app as soon as possible and check it again!

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It worked in the deployed environment!

With my current Automation configuration, it’s no different than running Salesforce Workflow, but I’d like to think about what kind of integration with AppSheet would be effective in the future.

Thank you for your advice.