How do I change the label in edit form for inline entry of related table

Hi all,

I just trying out appsheet for about a week now and learning tons now with all the videos and all the articles.

I have a question that I could not seem to find the answer. When I am entering a data in a form, there are related table inline that can be entered into and there is a label on top of that new entry form " Supporting Doc Entries that reference this entry in Trans_Doc Column" This is not helpful to the user, how can I customize this label?

Thank you

Picture attached.

Hi @Leo_Hermanto ,

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Please try setting the display name property in that column’s setting with the column heading name you want and delete the text ( if you want) in the description property of that column’ settings.


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

I tried and it doesn’t work. I was trying to add data and realized that apparently it also happened in the form that has ref from another table. how do I change these long descriptions, Seems like I cannot find where to change these labels.

In the table column list of the table on which the form you have shared is based will have 3 virtual columns at the bottom of the column list. The names of those columns willbe something like

Related Compnay Addresses…

Related Contact Persons…

Related Bank Details…

Please open the settings pane of these columns

Please enter the display name for these columns as you wish in the setting “Display Name” as shown below



Thank you very much, this solve the issues.