How do I connect team members to "jobs" and v...

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How do I connect team members to “jobs” and vice versa?

Inside the “events details” is listed who’s playing the event: Drums John Doe

Bass Jane Doe

How do I format it so the name inside the Event Details is a link to the person’s “contact info”?

Also, how would I show the events that a person is booked on inside of their contact detail? Example: I click on my menu “Band and Tech” and its a roster of all my team. I click on John Doe and all his contact info comes up but also a link to the Events they’re booked on?

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Thank you for the replies! Unfortunately, I’m a little out of my league here. I’m a noob and only understand basic stuff.

If anyone would be interesting in working on this with me I’d be glad to talk and compensate time.

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I’m watching some APPSHEET videos and have a small understanding of references.

My Sheets are setup as such

Sheet Name: PHONE APP - which has all the event info (event name, venue, address, employees booked, misc details, etc)

TEAM - which has my roster of employees.

I’m trying to connect these two so if i click on my ROSTER (named “Band and Tech” in my app), and I click on an employee, I can see which EVENTS they’re booked on.

Alternatively, if I’m in an EVENT, I can see the employees booked for the event and I’d like to be able to click on their name and see their ROSTER card (all their contact info from the TEAM sheets).

I don’t really see any logical REF field between two sheets unless I’m missing the concept of REF fields?

Can someone help?

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@Aleksi_Alkio What field should I create as a REF field? There’s no fields in EVENTS and BAND TECH that always match. My BAND TECH table is just an address book that hold all my employees’ info. Doesn’t a REF field have to be a field that has the exact same info in each table/sheet?

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

This case is solved. The answer was a ref field for the employee column in event’s table.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #6

Create a virtual column with all formula select(Events details[Events Name],[Name]=[_thisRow].[Name]).

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

For the 1st question… if you could use a ref field from the contacts table, it would have the link automatically.