How do I control the inline view of a related list?

How do I control the inline view of a related list inside the form view?
I thought that changing the view of the table would modify the inline view, but it is not like that and I cannot find the view, nor how to assign a ref view to the related list, since it is a virtual column.
I need to reorder the columns.

Create a copy of your system generated Tablename_inline UX view or create a Ref type Table View for that related table

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It’s strange.
If I select a Deck view, I see it reflected, but if I select table type and sort the fields, it shows the fields in the same order they were, as if it ignored this view.
I guess I’ll have to make a slice and make an inline view for that slice

If you don’t see it, then you can find out which view is being used by going into the Detail view of the parent record and then clicking the “View” link under the inline table you want to inspect. Below is my Detail view for a Work Order showing the inline table for Products.


When I click “View”, I am taken to a full screen view of that inline table. Now, you can see the actual view name being used in the bottom left-Hand corner.