How do I correct app definition for my app so...

(Blenda Minor) #1

How do I correct app definition for my app so that it can be accessed?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask what is the issue? Why can’t you access?

(Blenda Minor) #3

When I go to the app gallery to view my app I receive an error message stating “Unable to fetch app definition: The app creator has paused this app and blocked all data syncs and updates. This is usually done to provide a temporary maintenance window. Please try to sync again later.” How can this be corrected and I be free from this. Where do I go on the site to continue.?

(Thomas Varghese) #4


maybe app is accidentally paused…from Manage -deploy

then clicked on pause app…just undo it

(Blenda Minor) #5


(Aleksi Alkio) #6

App editor > Manage > Deploy > Resume paused app

(Thomas Varghese) #7


if you are the app creator go the app…sign in with your log in credential as appcreator …on the left pane bottom

will be menu-Manage …click on it and then from top click on delpoy button then a button resume pause app willappear below if app was paused click it to resume app else will show as pause app