How do I display an inline action and the con...

(Adrian Enz) #1

How do I display an inline action and the content of a column in a table view?

When I put the action to a column, the column disappears in inline views and tables.

Thanks in advance.

(Grant Stead) #2

Maybe someone else has a better suggestion… I create a virtual column that I call VC_inline_anchor and I tie my actions to that, and then show that in the inline table view… This also let’s you order it wherever you want… And, I just set the app formula to =""

(Adrian Enz) #3

Thx for the response. It works with normal actions. When I have a “go to another view within this app” I can only attach it to a column where it is referenced in the LINKTOFORM function. Well I can choose other columns to attach it to, but on every save it retourns back.

(Grant Stead) #4


Maybe @Adam_Stone_AppSheet has some input on whether or not this is intended.