How do I display an inline action and the con...

How do I display an inline action and the content of a column in a table view?

When I put the action to a column, the column disappears in inline views and tables.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe someone else has a better suggestion… I create a virtual column that I call VC_inline_anchor and I tie my actions to that, and then show that in the inline table view… This also let’s you order it wherever you want… And, I just set the app formula to =""

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Thx for the response. It works with normal actions. When I have a “go to another view within this app” I can only attach it to a column where it is referenced in the LINKTOFORM function. Well I can choose other columns to attach it to, but on every save it retourns back.


Maybe @Adam_Stone_AppSheet has some input on whether or not this is intended.


I see Adam never replied to this thread and I can’t tag him, has there been any resolution to this besides your workaround? It seems pretty silly to have the option to attach to an applicable column but that causes the column to disappear, I can’t imagine that is the intended result. If it is why not have a check box that just creates the virtual column for you?

Come to find out, it IS the intended behavior… i.e. a phone number turns into a phone icon action…

I also use the workaround Grant uses.
Or you can attach it to an existing column that you don’t have to show in the table view. Because it will dissapear.
For example the [Key] column. So you don’t have to create an extra Virtual Column.

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