How do I fix the broken reference in dropdown on a ref column

Hi there,

I have two table, the first table (Asignacion) has “ID” (Key) and “Sub - Instalación” (Label)

In the second table (Control Table) I need to choice the names (Nombre) associated to the ‘Sub - Instalación’ from table 1 . The column have to be a dropdown type (Enum List)

When I select each “Sub - Instalación”, I would like to choice only the names (Nombre) associated.
I put on data validity in “Name” column from “Control Table” valid if = SELECT (Assignment [Name], [Sub - Installation] = [_THISROW]. [Sub - Installation])

I can select the names:

Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-15 a la(s) 20.54.17

But, I know this is a warning because my “valid if” is wrong. I did not select the key column. I can not change the key in table 1

How I should do this for avoid the warning? What is the best way to do?


You don’t need to change the key column in table1.
I think you need a table3 with list of employees.
Then, set the “Nombre” column from table1, with type Ref and Source table: Table3.
And in Table2, do the same with “Nombre” Column as well.

…should do the job if I’m not mistaken, can you let us know if that works ?

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