How do I - get setup a report template for an entire table

I would like to create a few report templates but not sure how to do it.

I tried this:

<<Start: Evac Center Personnel[Contact External Id]>>


but get this error:

Error: “Errors”: “Error: Workflow rule ‘Evac Center Personnel Report’ action ‘Action 1’ Attachment template. Found 1 unmatched ‘Start’. They are: <p class=“c0”><span class=“c2”><<Start:Evac Center Personnel[Contact External Id]>>


Ideally we want a report that is grouped by the Evac Center Location, then by role, and then lists (numbered list) the personnel assigned to that role.

Is this possible and if so does someone have a template or can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you,

@Steve - I’ve looked at that documentation many times. I just don’t get it.

I got rid of the error, but my struggle is - is it possible to do a group, then a subgroup, then an order list in a report template?

Atwater School
Position A

  1. Jane Doe
  2. John Doe
    Position B

Booker School
and so on…

I’m afraid you can’t generate grouped lists if you need them to by dynamic. Though if your groups are fixed like… they are always the same, you can add more Start: & End lists into your template. In your case it would mean fixed locations… then fixed roles etc.

Locations and roles are static, the assigned people are dynamic. Does that work?

So in the template instead of pulling that info in via <>, I’m writing it directly into the template and just pulling <>?? Want to make sure I understand you.

<<Start: SELECT(Table[Key],AND([Location]=“Location A”,[Role]=“A”))>>
<< End >>

<<Start: SELECT(Table[Key],AND([Location]=“Location A”,[Role]=“B”))>>
<< End >>


Thank you!

You’re welcome