How do I get the child reference table data i...

(Keith Block) #1

How do I get the child reference table data included when a parent table triggers an ADDS_ONLY Update event?

I have a Material Order List that is emailed to me when they’re created.

The problem is that the items in the order don’t show up because they get sync’d moments after the order data is saved.

Tony mentioned in the last Office Hours that this currently isn’t supported directly but there might be a workaround.

Any suggestions?

(Tony Fader) #2

Hi @Keith_Block. I was unable to come up with a workaround for this. Maybe a community member will chime in. For the time being, there’s no way to make the workflow fire only after the children have been added.

(Keith Block) #3

Yeah, I tried a couple tricky things with virtual columns but none of them worked.

For now, I’ve set the Workflow Email Body to send a link back to the row in the App which isn’t too bad but it would be nice to be able to print an order right from an email.

Is it possible for a link in the Workflow Email Body to update a column in that row which would trigger another email with the full order details?

BTW, love Tony’s Corner on Office Hours!


(Tony Fader) #4

@Keith_Block I figured out a way to do it by triggering an action when the form is submitted. See this example app:

(Keith Block) #5

That did it.

Thanks, @tony!