How do I know what view my app is in? I've g...

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How do I know what view my app is in?

I’ve got a timesheet app I am making. One main button takes the user directly to this week’s time. The screen looks like the first image. The problem is, not everyone completes their timesheet every week. I have created a separate view in the menu to enable a user to edit their time entries from a prior week. The second image is a table view by weekly timesheet. The problem is when a user selects the week it takes them to a view that just lists the hours (not the project) and this is no use to the user. I need the view to look just like the view when a user is adding time to the current week (image 1)


Hi @Aaron_Dahl

In the editor you can click on the name of the view at the bottom under the icons and you will be able to edit that view to show the columns in the order that you require.