How do i make a home screen with images taking the user to the chosen view?

I have an app where i want to add a “Home Screen”. I want that to be an initial screen that allows the user to click on a photo/image to take them to the correct view:

I have this in my app - but it doesnt take them where i want them to go. Those two images are in a table. They currently do not take the user to the correct views. How do i do this?

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I would also be interested in how to get this accomplished. More specifically I would be interested how to get this accomplished without needing a Table at the backend. It seems that most everything I need to accomplish somehow requires another column in a table or an entire table. By the time I’m done I feel like I have a dozen additional resources to manage.

Do i need to create a table holding the images? then reference those?

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Not possible.

Do i create/build my image table, then reference those images?

Isn’t that what you already have?

Don’t know what this means.

Check out this help article as well.

And sample app:

And general searches in google and here for “custom menu” “menu launcher”, etc

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This is my image table:

This is the columns i used to reference those images from my MAIN table:

When i build the “Home Screen” - i have to use the “image Table” - which goes no where when the user clicks on the images.

I looked at the app launcher link you sent already before i tried - i am not understanding where I reference and how to reference these images - so that the user clicks on them and they goto the table I want.

You can create a LINKTOVIEW() action, then set it as the Row Selected Behavior as shown in my initial post.

Worked PERFECTLY! Thanks again as always!

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Ok. Only problem i am having is I have two images. Do i make two tables? If so, Ho do I pout them in the same Gallery? Because i have more than one image - the behavior will only goto to ONE view. What about the other?

Well I made a dashboard and it seems to work great. Thanks again

You need to make your LINKTOVIEW action dynamic depending on the image record selected. Probably start by adding a new column to your images table: [View Name]. Put the exact UX-View name that you want navigated to from that image into the new column for that row. Then change your expression to:

LINKTOVIEW( [View Name] )

What “type” do i make that new column?

Is that right?

nm. I’m stupid. I figured out what you meant…


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Please help others by posting what your solution was. Most helpful. Thanks.


So I was looking to have a home screen with images for my users. I wanted them to be able to click on an image and the app would take them to a certain “View”.

Home Screen - user clicks on “MAP”:

MAP View:

To build this I had to first create a table telling the app what to do when the user clicks on the image/button:

Leave the column “View Name” - empty.

Then in the app I add that table:

Now build your first “Home Screen” view:

NOTICE - the “on Click” option ? There is where you MUST create./build your actions - so when the user clicks on a certain image it will take them to THAT view:

Each of these are views I also had to build to make the app have a view to go to for the user selection:

And that is it!

Does it make sense?


Hi all,

Thank you @Tiger for sharing your solution :+1:

An additional solution: a few months ago I found this sample app as well, that does the exact same thing as you describe, but without the action to build as it’s generated with a virtual column expression:

The main difference is here:

With this expression in the virtual column formula:
"#view="&[View Name]

and view layout is:

Hope that may help !