How do I make images show up as an image in reports?

Hi! I have a report. There are images that users upload. HERE is my template. HERE is what email looks like, but how do I get the image to actually be an image?

*Just to clarify, I have it to where when you have one table save, it adds a row to this table with the details. One of the details being added is the image.


***Also, I already tried adding a formatting rule to adjust the image between small/med/large/text, but it didn’t work.

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule or Report name
  4. Your permission to try it in the debugger.

Thanks @Phil !
1. 916796
2. Gonnella Com. +
3. “KR Report” (Report, not Workflow)
4. You have my permission to try it in the debugger

Hi @Phil ! Any updates? Thanks!

Hi Nicholas,

I attempted to debug the report this afternoon by clicking the “Run” button for Report “KR Report”.
The slice ‘Ken Rzepka’s Report’ did not return any records so I was not able to determine why the images are not being displayed.

Can you get the application in the failing state, and I will try again.
I will be out of town from now until the 1st of January.

O, yes. Thanks. I’ll put it right now.

Have a Wonderful Day! - Nick Barry RPC

Just to update you, I got rid of the KR. report and renamed it Ken Rzepka report. It still has the same issue. I have an entry for each day from now until the 9th of Jan so that it will be ready to try every day. Hope your trip was good!

I think I know the problem, but I don’t know the solution. The problem is that Daily Report does not have an image folder, and therefor, does not have access to the needed images. My idea was to create 1 single folder in google drive where all of the images go into from my whole app, so that daily report can access all images, but I do not know how to do that. I tried specifying which folder the images go into in the image column, but it just ended up creating a new folder called that, not actually going to the drive folder that I already created. Help?

Actually, I am drifting away from the daily report, so I no longer need assistance with this. But thanks!