How do I make this calculation work? (([Majo...

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How do I make this calculation work?

(([Major Visits])x([Assigned Time Depending On Equp.])+([Minor Visits]x[Assigned Time Depending On Equp._16])x[Equipment Qty], [Company] =


– NOTE: I know the asterisk symbol is used for multiplying, though it also is used to make text BOLD, so I use the x to signify multiplication for my question.

I know I have some parentheses wrong, but it is not making it past the first two inputs.

It gives me this message.

"Arithmetic expression ‘([Major Visits]*[Assigned Time Depending On Equp.])’ has inputs of an invalid type ‘Unknown’


I know I should be able to multiply one column against another, so what am I missing here?

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I figured it out.

I needed to have initial values in the columns of ‘0’, so the calculation had something to run against.

I put zero in all initial values that I am computing, and it accepted the expression.

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