How do I, on an input form, "reset" or change...

(John Baer) #1

How do I, on an input form, “reset” or change selection in an Enum dropdown based on user input in another form field?

I am building a Custom Pricing app that allows a client to override normal pricing structure in special circumstances.

The client can set the custom price to cover an entire customer,

a product or a specific product for a single customer.

The custom price can be a discount % or simply a different price than normal.

I have a Price Coverage Enum column, values are = “Customer Only”,

“Product Only”, “Customer+Product”.

The Price Type Enum column has values = “Discount”, “Custom Price”.

For these two columns, I want my Custom Price input form to help the client in three ways: 1)

If the “Customer Only” value is selected, I want the Price Type to default to “Discount” and not be allowed to change (not editable). 2)

If “Customer Only” is chosen but then changed,

I want Price Type selection to “clear” and become editable again. 3)

If value is switched TO “Customer Only”

then I expect same result as 1)

To make this short, I’ll just say I have tried several implementations in Initial Value,

App Formula and Editable If expressions but can’t seem to get this to work correctly for all use cases.

This seems like a common need.

Is this feature possible and if so, how do I go about implementing it?

Please ask your questions for more details if needed.

(Stephen Mattison) #2


This sounds complicated! You must have a specific use for allowing the customer to change the price, but that sounds like a tail-chasing nightmare to me!

It would be a whole lot easier all around if you were the only one to set the price and then just work off of % Discounts. This might be better for the customer and you as well.

If you set up some kind of rewards points system that they can use to bump up their percent discount, they will maybe feel more connected and empowered to purchase more. Reward Points tied to discount elevation would also give you a reason to be constantly contacting them and reminding them of their points and point expiration dates. The way you explained your setup, it sounds like you might be manufacturer with distributors and then customers who also sell your products and want to set their own prices, not sure.

Interesting case.

More info please and you will get better help. Good luck, sounds like a neat and useful app!

(John Baer) #3

Yes, this app is intended to be bundled with business systems.

The client I mentioned is a Food Distributor and wants to be able to apply different discount levels to HIS customers.

I expanded the notion to include products knowing that reduced pricing is essential to help move slower moving inventory.

End customers would not initially have direct access to place orders.

Salepersons help with that.

However, the challenge I am facing is pretty generic.

I want to be able to set/reset the selection in one list based on the value selected in another.

I can get parts to work but not everything required.

Perhaps a redesign of this feature is needed.

(John Baer) #4

@Stephen_Mattison See above.

(John Baer) #5

Somewhat solved.

I asked in another post if it is possible perform a “Clear” type function from an expression.

The answer was no.

What I have done instead is set the list of possible values in Valid_If for the Type based on the selection of Price Coverage.

For the one case where i wanted to default the value, the user gets a single item to choose.

The field is required so the user cannot save with it being chosen.

It will be odd for the user to have to select when there is only a single value.

Until I re-design it, it’ll just have to be that way…I guess.