How do I put a limit to the amount of rows a User can enter?

I have:

User Table

  • I have a security filter set up in all my tables IN( [Company] , App Users[Company] )

Company Table

  • Has multiple Companies

Orders Table

  • [Company] is ref column with [Types] as one of the columns. This table has orders for all the companies.

When a user adds a record to the Orders Table, I want to assign a limit to to each [Type] their Company has. Once they reach the limit it only lets them Edit/Delete. Can I do this? Can I put a limit on each Type based on Company

you can do this with a if condition.

Create an extra column and name it for instance Counter. make the counter add a number with a seperate expression each time a entry is made.

And make a valid expression that says if the counter column value reaches the said limit dont save. hence you can limit number of entries a user inputs

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