How do I rectify this My Account Error?

After a huge amount of trial and error, I’d like to deploy my app for primary testing.

I have sorted out the bugs and got my Account error, telling me this: Nothing I do rectifies it.

Thanks for anyone who can help. 1. apart from offline (already togged off and refreshed) do I need to turn anything else off?
2. do I need to upgrade my account to Premier before deployment? If I upgrade at this point, will it allow me to deploy this app without losing anything?

Are you trying to deploy the application while on a free plan? It may be that AppSheet is restricting this. I haven’t used a free plan in quite some time, so I’m not completely sure, but it would be logical.

Upgrading and deploying should not cause you to lose anything.

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Hi thank you Jonathon,

It says I can share with 10 people for free to get feedback before I deploy the app, which I’m trying to do but it’s making my initial testers jump through so hoops, put up obstacles and i can’t even see what hoops they have to jump through.

I’m almost put off upgrading my account as a principle to get them to deliver what they say (10 free people feedback before deployment) and make it clear.

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Yes you should be able to allow 10 users to test the application. You should leave your application as a prototype during testing, though.

Is the application still running? These error messages may be just there to inform you that you are limited by your current subscription plan.

Have you tried contacting They can give you better guidance for prototyping your application and what sort of subscription model you are likely to need.


Hi Jonathon,

Thank you, I will try that. It just puts barrier after barrier up to my first testers, vital for outside feedback before i deploy it. I’ll contact sales see if they can help. thank you again.

I just sent this link and they get asked to download appsheet. just needs to be pre-warned, my expectations managed, is all, so not to piss off my first readers.

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HI Jonathon,

Thank you for your reply. I did work it out eventually, after more trial and error. i do think copywriters could help demystify these processes to manage expectations better and minimise surprises, barriers and use of time at this crucial stage.

I realised I need to follow these un-forewarned steps for 10 people to give feedback on the free account:

  1. When sharing the app, you must whitelist up to 10 email addresses for first readers who will be giving you feedback on your app.
  2. The first reader will be asked to download Appsheet. (it is very important we can pre-warn them and say it is to see my prototype, not to sign them up).
  3. The link to view the app can be shared, so long as the first reader’s email has been whitelisted on the share page on the app they are previewing.

In other words, if I send the link via Whatsapp or copy from my browser or from the share icon in the app gallery, that they will be able to access it after downloading Appsheet if their email has been whitelisted inside the app editor.

It took me hours and loads of failure to learn those, which could have been simple pre-warned before sharing.

Hope that provides a little new user feedback. Expectation management saves time and really helps. it will be make or break for many less patient people than me.

Best regards