How do I reference a cell from another sheet?...

(Maresa du Plessis) #1

How do I reference a cell from another sheet?

I have a “Members” sheet, where names can be added and then I have an “Attendance Record” sheet. I want to have fixed column names as place holders in the Attendance Record, but then change the display name of each column in the Attendance Record to the names in the Members sheet. What expression should I use for this?

(Marc Dillon) #2

I don’t understand what you are saying about the fixed column names and changing their display names.

What I would do is have a column in your attendance record table that references a member record. Then you can add any number of attendance record entries with any properties of your choosing (date, attendance,etc) associated with a member.

To reference a specific cell, you would probably need to use a LOOKUP() or SELECT() expression.