How do I reference a cell from another table?...

(Tommy Irizarry) #1

How do I reference a cell from another table?

I come from the SQL server world and want to update the value of a field by subtracting the value of a field in another table. It is for an inventory app.

Each time a salesman makes a sale I want to update the inventory of that salesman by subtracting the amount sold.

This is the “idea” Set Salesman.Item1 =

Salesman.Item1 - Order.Item1

I already have a workflow in place the records the order, finds out the salesman, call actions to update multiple items. I can update the specific item, I just need to know how to reference item from the order to subtract that amount.


I think you may need to look at the syntax for Dereferences.

See included link.

Hope that helps. Dereferences

(Tommy Irizarry) #3

Thanks Mike, maybe I’m missing something. I understood the video. But in the app I need to record a Visit (which I do), then I need to modify the clients table and update the salesman inventory table using actions and workflows. The demo in video shows something else, when the form is auto populated. In my case we need to compute some numbers and save them after the form is submitted.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Just a quick question… do you need that value to be saved into the sheet (or what ever database you are using) or can it be a virtual value?

(Tommy Irizarry) #5

I needed to save the Iran inventory back to the Google sheet, but it is working now.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Okay good

(Tommy Irizarry) #7

Not Iran, the item, spell checker went crazy.