How do I Reference a Table From Another Google Sheet?

I don’t want to reference a column from the same sheet (a different tab from the same sheet). I want to reference a column within a tab from another sheet (file). I have not been able to figure it out. Please help.

Every worksheet you want to access from the app must be configured as a table in the app. Your app cannot access data in a worksheet tab that is not used by an app table.

The table “Materiales” is the only one that differs in the source (it is in another worksheet)

I do know how to reference a column from the same sheet. I have not been able to reference one from another sheet.

As I have understood this function, it will return a single value.

What I want is to be able to choose from a list based on a table on the other worksheet.
I have a table “Servicio” (Service in English) that has the field “Materiales” (Materials in English). The idea is to be able to choose the correct material from another table (the particular table is called “Materiales” and the column is called “Material”. There would no problem the table were within the same worksheet. The problem is that is in another worksheet. To put it another way, how would you go about instead of using the EnumList type for “Materiales” field in “Servicios” using the Ref type, based on a table from another worksheet?

The end result is the user choosing one material from a list to fill that field.

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Thanks so much. Found it.

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