How do i select which row i want the value to be in?

I am trying to create an action that would set a value from another column to an specific column row.

Currently, it’s setting the value in the same row and i want to be able to specify which row in that column!

I know that i can select the column with [Column] but how do i specify which row i want?

Hi @Moncrab! Welcome to the community!

For this you need to combine two actions:

  1. Data: execute an action on a set of rows
  2. Data: set values of some columns in this row

As you can see from the name of the second action (the one you are trying to use now), it only writes to the row you are on. So, you need another action to identify the table and row to write to and the action to occur there.

Good luck!

P.S. The name of the first action indicates that it can be used on multiple rows, but it is also the action you need to use even if you just want to write to one row that is different from the one you are on.

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Question to other community members: I had trouble finding the documentation about this. Could you point us to it, please?

What do i use for column [Currentaddress] row 1?

The way that you identify a row in AppSheet is different from Google sheets or other spreadsheets. Having said that, if you know that you want row number 1, I think this would work:

Filter(“Name of the table you are using”,[_RowNumber]=1)

The syntax is

FILTER( dataset-name , select-row? )

If my expression is wrong, please forgive me. I haven’t had time to test it.

In order to understand how AppSheet is different from spreadsheets and how to identify the rows on which an action will take place I recommend that you read the following:


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I have no idea why or how but this only worked once. Whenever i try to click the button on the app it just doesn’t do anything, like it’s not running the action. It’s weird because it worked the first time, now i don’t know what else to try…

The button makes no action when i add the Filter expression. It’s not doing anything :confused:

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I’m not sure what the cause might be.

I think, though, that it would probably be a good idea for you to read the articles I shared with you. It is generally better to use the “key” to identify a column than the row number. If you have a unique “keys” in every row, that might help.

I might not have enough knowledge to help you resolve this problem. In that case, I hope other more knowledgable people will chime in. :slight_smile:

Are these in the same table? Or in better words, is this action will make the data change in the same table?

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Yes this is in the same table.

But you want to update a column’s value in a different row? If so, what common property/data you have with the current row and the data in that another row?

I have a column with addresses, and i want to create a button that would copy the address to another column. Now i can do this by just creating an action with [Streetaddress] = [Currentaddress] but this action is setting the value in the same row, and i want that value to always be copied to the first row instead.

You need to create 2 actions:
1.) Data: set the values of some columns in this row. Name this i.e. Action1. Select the column and the value you need to change. I believe you already have this.
2.) Data: execute an action on a set of rows. Name this i.e. Action2.
2.1) For the Referenced table select the same table
2.2) For the Referenced rows enter this expression (assuming that your 1st row is fixed row)


2.3) For the Referenced action chose Action1 you have created
3.) Use Action2 with your desired button
Haven’t tested this kinda usage but it should work. Keep us posted should you require further assistance.


This seems fine but it doesn’t work too. Action 1 works, action 2 does not trigger anything when i press the button.

PS “Job Dispatch” is my spreadsheet name

What is the expression you use in your Referenced Action? And are you trying to change the Key Column Value of Row#1 with this??

Referenced action gets the value from Streetaddress to Currentaddress. Depending on which row the action is performed then it will gather that row and put it on row#2
I am trying to change the value of the first row of column [Currentaddress] with the value of [Streetaddress] from the row that the action was triggered.

In your Job Dispatch table, is [Currentaddress] your key column?

No, my key column is called Key

So the expression in the Referenced Rows property of specific_row_action is incorrect. It should be:

SELECT(Job Dispatch[Key],[_RowNumber]=2)

I thought i had to enter a key number ^.^
This works now
Tyvm for your help LeventK and Kirk_Masden

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