How do I set a timestamp =now() to only be in a specific time zone

I am using a form and its inputted all around the world by different users but the main issue is the time stamp feature. Everything is organized and sorted by the time stamp so I need to have the time stamp be in one time zone only. Is there anyway to do this?

Hi @appteam6
Would UTC work for you?

I need PST. Is that possible?

Maybe you could convert UTC to PST. I am not sure what would be best in this situation.

Something like UTCNOW()-“007:00:00”


My suggestion: consider converting all local times to UTC when storing (using an action), then converting UTC to local time for display (using a virtual column). The USERTZOFFSET() function returns the number of minutes the user’s local time is offset from UTC (though I don’t know if it includes a sign).

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When did USERTZOFFSET() come about?

Not sure. Maybe a couple of months ago?

I referred to this thread in the following “Tips & Tricks” post: